Venture Pilot was set up by Peter Richards an experienced problem solver well used to managing difficult situations in challenging conditions. He has been a high achiever in sales and sales management during the first part of his career where he spent most of his time on the corporate treadmill working out how we were going to achieve the quarterly revenue target.


In 2003 he escaped from the world of corporate technology and wrote his first business plan, planned and executed his first fund raise and plotted the first exit. Since then he has been doing much the same leveraging a significant experience in sales, operations and finance for himself and a growing number of clients.


His skill-set encompasses team building, equity and debt structured funding, managing scalability and exit. He has had many innovative and entrepreneurial journeys and experienced a great many outcomes learning multiple, reusable lessons along the way. Today he is a seasoned Commercial Director providing business owners with hands-on management skills as they attempt to ‘cross the chasm’.

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