Who would have thought that only fifteen years ago a business provided their software for free for a period (and then spread payments over the period of usage) could ever have been successful?  These days this is often the ‘norm’ for many SAAS (software as a service) models.


Businesses are experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption affecting the way in which they compete and operate and their business models have to evolve to meet the changing demands of their market. Today’s traditional business need to ‘push the envelope’ to the limit and struggle with the dilemma of meeting the demands of productivity, innovation and unprecedented customer engagement. To meet and exceed expectations businesses are being forced to embrace constant change and provide their consumers with business models that work.


For example some innovations succeed because they enable the sharing of costly assets-Airbnb allows home owners to share them with travellers, and Uber shares assets with car owners. Sometimes assets may be shared across a supply chain


We help business owners align their strategy and vision with workable business models providing them with the pre-requisites for success in the digital era (hopefully) getting pricing and modelling right first time.

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