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So let's start with sales first. There are an awful lot of words spoken about sales and the quasi- scientific processes and methodologies that drive each and every facet of ‘best practice’. However once you strip away the fluff that surrounds the science it all becomes very simple irrespective of whether your business is the B2C or B2B market place. Every organisation wants and needs to achieve success by meeting three basic criteria:


            1) Winning more customers


            2) Retaining their customers


            3) Growing their customer base


Venture Pilot will provide a structure to make sales and marketing deliver – boosting performance, increasing revenues and delivering profitability. It might sound complex but it is purely about getting the most efficient process in place and executing with the right people.  


In the ‘80s the sales and marketing function was clearly delineated – with the purpose of product marketing being to create demand for the sales team to convert into revenues. Fast forward 30 years or so and the world is a different place with product marketers taking on a front line position and directly interfacing with the customers - particularly in the B2C space.


 Prior to the digital revolution there were far less channels of communication open to companies trying to both build their brand and creating demand but today there is a plethora of open ‘channels’.  To efficiently harness the opportunities of these evolving channels today’s marketer needs to have a understanding and an ability to execute through different processes and channels such as social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation), paid vs. organic search and content marketing.  None of this actually replaces traditional market channels such as attending events, email marketing and even good ‘brochure-ware’ but it does mean today’s SME business does need to be adept in all sorts of evolving marketing skills.


Marketing can be an expensive activity particularly if it does not immediately make the desired returns. If you make a wrong decision here it i.e. appointing a digital agency that is not right for you or spending too much cash on the wrong thing it could prove very costly. Venture Pilot will help your business keep these costs under control within an efficient framework with a goal of providing a realistic return on investment.

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